Inkling & Octoling Pins


Handpainted wooden pins based on the Inkling and Octoling icons from Splatoon!

Please see description below for information about customising your pin.


Please note that these are handpainted pins, and each one is unique!

I use watercolour paints, which are translucent. There may be slight imperfections where charring from the laser cutting process shows through the paint layer. The tone of the paint will usually not be even across the whole piece.

The paint is sealed with a clear gloss coat, and a small pin is affixed to the back.

When using the colour picker to specify colours please keep in mind that not all screen colours can be recreated with pigments. In particular, vivid colours (that you’d pick from the far top right of the colour picker) may be difficult to achieve. Lighter colours are created by thinning the pigments used. Some colour mixes may show granulation (a “watercolour texturing”)

I will contact you to consult about your colour selection if I think there may be any issues.