Personalised Splashtag


A name tag customised to match the in-game splashtags featured in Splatoon 3.

NOTE: Please check your confirmation email. It should include all of your customisation choices, but in some cases this data isn’t being stored correctly. If your receipt shows just the tag without the details showing, I will get in touch to confirm what you want. I am not sure yet what causes this but it could be an issue with using a mobile device to fill in the form.

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Need a way to introduce yourself at the next Splatoon meetup? Look no further! This plastic name tag can be customised to match your in-game tag, whether it be the one you’re sporting now or one that you’re aiming to put together.

Want to make one for yourself? Full instructions are available on my Patreon here:

Need help deciding what to put on your tag? Check out the collectibles database assembled by Lean: