Smash Ball RGB Light Panel


A light panel inspired by Smash Bros!

Please note there will be some delays in fulfilling these orders as I am ordering in parts.


This light panel is made of laser-cut and hand-bent acrylic. It measures approximately 18cm (7″) in diameter.

There is recessed panel on the back with a hole that allows for hanging from a wall hook.

The light panel is driven by WLED, a highly active open source software project. With the WLED app, the lamp can be controlled from your mobile phone, and can be integrated with home automation platforms like Home Assistant, or with Twitch.

A micro USB cable is included for power. You will need to supply your own mains power adapter, or power your light panel from a computer. A 5V 2A source is recommended.

Clean with a soft cloth. Acrylic can be scratched easily so avoid keeping the light panel face-down where it could be rubbed against dirt or grit.

Wifi control
Only compatible with 2.4GHz networks. Your light panel will still work without being connected to your home network but you’ll need to connect to its hotspot to control its colours with your phone. The appearance can also be controlled with the button at the bottom of the panel.

A wifi connection is required for features like Twitch integration.

The lights look great indoors or in low lighting. In brightly lit environments the lights emitted by the LEDs will be washed out by the ambient light. Please take note of the product photos.

When viewed through a camera the light panel may appear as a white spot and not show the colours well. You can place the light panel around walls or objects that can reflect the light panel’s colours. A sheet of printer paper or greaseproof baking paper in front of the light panel may also help to diffuse the light colours.

Keep an eye on my Patreon or my blog for posts about how you can integrate your light panel with Twitch and more!